Biblical Truths Children Should Know

Biblical Truths Children Should Know

4 truths every child should know.

In the midst of the ongoing turmoil around us and with a critically important election facing us here in Wisconsin, it’s good to take a break and focus on something positive—like considering some important Bible truths all kids should know. Trevin Wax writing for the Gospel Coalition says every kid should know the Bible tells one connected account, and that the account is about God, and that the Bible points us to Jesus, God’s Son, and finally that the Bible calls for obedience grounded in the Gospel.

Biblical illiteracy is on the rise in America. That doesn’t bode well for us as families, churches, communities, states, or a nation. Families can reverse the trend by teaching their children these basic biblical truths. Churches should support families in this with solid preaching and teaching, good materials, and wise counsel.

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