Are Divorced But Happy Parents What Matter?

Are Divorced But Happy Parents What Matter?

Katy Fausts interviews children on divorce.

Katy Faust, author of Them Before Us, is digging into the effect of divorce on children. Writing for The Federalist, Faust asserts our culture largely ignores the lifelong cost divorce inflicts on children, preferring to believe that what children want most is “happy” parents rather than parents who work to stay married. In reality, Faust says, many children feel their parents’ divorce is one of the most devastating events in their life, an event that damages their own self-perception and hinders their ability to form and maintain healthy relationships.

Katy Faust with this dive into the impact of divorce is again proving her point that adult desires and so-called “happiness” are destroying children. This reality is why the bill our state legislature is considering to completely eliminate the waiting period after a divorce before a remarriage is a very bad idea—especially for couples with minor children.

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