AI is Determining if Human Life is Worthy

AI is Determining if Human Life is Worthy

AI is being used in selection of embryos in IVF.

Artificial intelligence is playing a role in selecting which embryos show the most promise during Invitro fertilization, with the technology ruling out those deemed unsuitable for a successful pregnancy. David Prentice, with the pro-life research organization Charlotte Lozier Institute, told The Christian Post that this is “eugenic technology,” and that quote, “…this means some human beings are looked at as lower quality, perhaps even discarded as lives not worth living,” 

Basic biology makes it clear that at the moment a human egg is fertilized, a new life begins. Scripture tells us every human is made in the image of God, which happens at the moment of conception. AI has no business in determining which human life is worthy and which is not. Once again technology is outpacing our ethical framework—and that’s always dangerous.

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