Addictive Pornography

Addictiveness of pornography demands safeguards

Pornography is powerfully addictive and destructive and is now, thanks to the internet, available anytime, almost anywhere, and to pretty much anyone, including children. Current research tells us children as young as nine have been exposed to pornography. Research studies reveal that porn addiction increases feelings of isolation and loneliness, insecurity and interferes with relationships. Parents whose children have phones or other devices with internet access need to be aware of these realities and insist on strong filters and ongoing accountability.

The porn industry is designed to keep people wanting more. Some experts refer to porn as “the new drug,” and report that it is one of the most difficult addictions to overcome. Parents need to be their children’s best defense against being ensnared. Since men are especially vulnerable to porn, they need to build in safeguards and accountability, as well as strong self-discipline.


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