A Liberal Slipup

A liberal admits an unborn baby is a child.

WND online reports that earlier this month a video emerged of a podcaster talking about abortion with a liberal named Lance from The Serfs, a democratic socialist YouTube channel. The liberal says he believes ultimately women have authority over their bodies and can choose to have an abortion or not. A host asks Lance if a pregnant woman has the right to do meth while she’s pregnant. Lance, says, he thinks it’s appropriate for authorities to step in because in this situation the woman, quote, “is intentionally trying to kill a child.”

A true mic-drop moment. An abortion advocate committing one of the worst of errors—admitting the humanity of an unborn baby. But that is the reality—from the moment of conception, we have a unique human being, deserving of life. This slipup reminds us that it is possible to convince people of this biological truth.

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