A Gap in Knowledge & Worldview

A Gap in Knowledge & Worldview

The gap exists in adolescents.

While sixty-nine percent of adolescents, defined as children between the ages of eight and twelve, believe that, quote, "God exists and is the all-knowing, all-powerful, perfect Creator and ruler of the universe," end quote, much smaller percentages of young Americans subscribe to the other cornerstone beliefs that "dramatically increase the likelihood of a person developing a biblical worldview." This data comes from research done by George Barna late last year through The Cultural Research Center at Arizona Christian University.

The children in the survey are quite young, but they’re still old enough to understand basic Christian tenets. This reality is why we started LEAD Wisconsin, our teen worldview and leadership camp, designed to come alongside parents and others who influence teens to help build in them an understanding of biblical truth so they are unwaveringly committed to it.

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