A Christian’s Role In Elections

A Christian’s Role In Elections

How should Christians be involved?

Elections always come with lots of discussions about the role of Christians in politics and government. Wisconsin Family Council believes that good stewardship of our heavenly citizenship, at a minimum, includes being a good earthly citizen. Good citizens vote and do so knowledgeably and responsibly, in part, because we care about our neighbors and want what is best for them. Good laws keep us safe, hold taxes in check, respect our freedoms, and protect marriage, family, life, and religious liberty—all of which is good for everyone.

The culture sends a different message about what is truly good for people, but our role is to fight against that and promote what is really in the best interest of others. Knowing the issues and what the candidates believe about the issues is really important before we cast a ballot. Wisconsin Family Council has helpful election resources at wifamilycouncil.org.


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