59% Support Accountability for Child Gender Care

59% Support Accountability for Child Gender Care

New poll shows support for accountability for Drs.

Christian post reports that fifty-nine percent of voters believe pharmaceutical companies and doctors who push puberty blockers and body-mutilating sex-change surgeries on children and teens should be held liable for the long-term effects on people who were once confused about their sex, according to a recent poll. The poll, commissioned by Summit Ministries, shows seventy-nine percent of conservatives agree. Republicans come in at seventy-two percent, independents at fifty-nine-percent, and moderates at fifty-three percent.

This poll tells us Americans across the board have had it with confused children being preyed on by drug companies and even doctors. Whistle-blowers have stepped up recently to verify that the medical profession sees this as a money-making opportunity. These realities highlight the importance of parents being informed and being their children’s best protection.

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