55% Oppose Transgenders Athletes

55% Oppose Transgenders Athletes

55% Oppose Transgenders in Sports.

Christian post reports that a YouGov survey conducted earlier this month examined the views of 1500 U.S. adults on a variety of public policy matters. When asked if trans-identified athletes should be allowed to compete on sports teams based on their chosen sexual identity instead of their biological sex, 43% percent of those surveyed “strongly oppose” that idea, while another 12% percent “somewhat oppose” it, meaning the total opposition adds up to 55% percent.

Another question revealed that 60% percent of respondents support to some degree requiring K-12 schools to “inform parents if their child requests to go by different pronouns while at school.” The reality is public opinion among both conservatives and liberals is strong on these issues; government officials and schools pushing the LGBTQ agenda need to reverse course now.

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