5 Policies to Protect Teens from Big Tech

5 Policies to Protect Teens from Big Tech

Policy includes age-verification & parental access

The Institute for Family Studies has issued a report with five policy ideas for states to protect teens from big tech. The ideas include mandating age-verification laws for porn websites and social media platforms, requiring parental consent for online offers for kids under eighteen, mandating full parental access to minors’ social media accounts, requiring social media companies to shut down access to minors during bedtime hours, and creating causes of action for parents to seek legal remedies with presumed damages.

We have none of these in place in Wisconsin currently. What we know about big tech is that it will continue to capture children and youth unless something demands it stops. Passing some of these laws would help parents protect their children from unwholesome content, people bent on evil, addictive behaviors, and more that come with internet access and social media.

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