1 Man & The Great Awakening

1 Man & The Great Awakening

Jonathan Edwards was born 319 years ago today.

319 years ago today, Jonathan Edwards was born in Connecticut. Edwards was a pastor and theologian, thought by many to be the greatest theological mind the New World ever produced. His preaching, which helped spark America’s First Great Awakening, emphasized man’s sin, God’s judgment, God’s sovereignty, the necessity of personal conversion, and justification by faith. Edwards was the grandfather of Aaron Burr, a US vice president, and served briefly as president of Princeton, dying just one month after assuming that office.

Jonathan Edward’s impact on America and his place in our history is significant if for no other reason than his involvement in the First Great Awakening in the seventeen thirties and forties. This revival profoundly impacted all of Great Britain and all thirteen American colonies. Experts believe the Great Awakening kindled the American Revolution.

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