Pro-Family Organization Announces 2018 Legislator Award

Pro-Family Organization Announces 2018 Legislator Award

Pro-Family Organization Announces 2018 Legislator Award
Sen. Terry Moulton to receive William Wilberforce Freedom Award

Madison, WI – Wisconsin Family Council (WFC) announced today that retiring State Senator Terry Moulton (R-Chippewa Falls) is the recipient of its 2018 William Wilberforce Freedom Award.

William Wilberforce was an 18th century British statesman, serving in Parliament from 1780, when he was just 21 years old, to 1825, when he retired due to health problems.  For 44 years Wilberforce tirelessly worked to abolish the slave trade and free the slaves in the British Empire.  The lucrative slave trade was abolished in 1807, but the slaves weren’t set free until 1833, with Wilberforce learning of the bill’s passage just three days before he died. In addition, he did much philanthropic work in his homeland and worked cooperatively and tenaciously to restore civility and goodness in England, looking to political and social figures to set an example for the rest of the country.

WFC President Julaine Appling stated, “We are honored to give this prestigious award to Senator Moulton. During his time in our state legislature, in both the Assembly and the Senate, he has consistently stood for and promoted marriage, family, life and religious freedom. Most recently he championed a package of pro-life bills that required wisdom, dogged persistence and courage; throughout a protracted effort, Senator Moulton exhibited each of these and more. While ultimately the bills failed to pass, Senator Moulton showed Wilberforce-like character and leadership when many chose to do otherwise.

“Always, Senator Moulton has acted with civility and genuine goodness, even when delivering messages that are not necessarily popular. He has treated everyone, especially colleagues, with respect and grace, regardless of their position on issues, and done so even in the midst of major disagreements. We are delighted to give this award to Senator Moulton who has time and again shown, in the tradition of William Wilberforce, what real statesmanship is all about.”

Wisconsin Family Council will present the 2018 William Wilberforce Freedom Award to Senator Moulton at 10 a.m. on Sunday, September 30, 2018, at Chippewa Valley Bible Church, 531 E. South Ave., Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin.  The public is invited to attend.



Wisconsin Family Council is a statewide, not-for-profit organization engaged in strengthening, preserving and promoting marriage, family, life and liberty in Wisconsin.

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