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Home Front 03-21-2018

Posted on Mar 21, 2018 in HomeFront, News

2018 | Wednesday, March 21 | Listen Online Julaine gives an important update on the upcoming vote by the Milwaukee Common Council to ban “conversion” or “reparative” therapy/counseling for minor children in the city, as well as giving critical reminders about the April 3...

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2018 | Week of March 19 | #1247 Pregnancy Centers are hope-giving, life-saving, women-helping places. Wisconsin is blessed to have well over 60 of these terrific organizations located all around the state. Unlike Planned Parenthood, with now just 20 facilities and with the bulk of those being in major population centers, pregnancy centers are in both rural and urban areas, each offering help and hope to women—and men—experiencing an...

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Home Front 03-07-2018

Posted on Mar 7, 2018 in HomeFront

2018 | Wednesday, March 7 | Listen Online On today’s program, Julaine gives ideas for how to find out about local races and candidates and gives a brief wrap-up of the legislative...

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2018 | Week of March 5 | #1245 As our state’s largest city, Milwaukee has a lot of entertainment options. However, one tourist attraction surpasses them all in terms of number of people who visit each year—and that’s the Potawatomi Hotel and Casino with nearly 6.5 million people visiting in 2016.  In fact, this so-called “destination,” has more people visit annually than the next 4 ranked attractions in Milwaukee combined. And those...

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2018 | Week of February 26 | #1244 I was surveying greeting cards recently just kind of casually looking at the humorous ones when a a subject heading caught my attention: divorce. What had been a time of enjoying some good humor came to an abrupt halt. I don’t see anything humorous in divorce. I don’t see any reason to celebrate it, as I’ve heard some doing with having divorce parties. Divorce is ugly. It breaks up the most intimate...

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Home Front 02-21-2018

Posted on Feb 21, 2018 in HomeFront, News

2018 | Wednesday, February 21 | Listen Online Julaine gives a wrap-up of yesterday’s primary election and a look ahead to the upcoming general election where Judge Screnock faces off with Judge Dallet.  She also summarizes some of the work the legislature did on the floor yesterday and gives important information on two pro-life bills that are...

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