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Home Front 10-20-2021

Posted on Oct 20, 2021 in HomeFront

2021 | Wednesday, October 20 | Listen Online On today’s Home Front program, Micah and Julaine look at a number of issues where we are being told to believe a lie.  Tune in to hear the discussion on school boards, books in libraries, and an update on bills in our state legislature.

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2021 | Week of October 18 | Radio Transcript #1434 I went to a public high school football game this past Friday. What caught my attention wasn’t the game itself or the marching band, which is really what I went for, but rather an entire student section dressed in pink. Since the school colors are blue and white, my mind was racing to figure out the pink showing up on both the guys and the gals. Didn’t take me long. The students were...

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Home Front 10-13-2021

Posted on Oct 13, 2021 in HomeFront

2021 | Wednesday, October 13 | Listen Online Listen as WFC president Julaine Appling and WFC Exec VP Micah Pearce discuss Big Tech’s decisions to cut off conservative opinions and give legislative and election integrity updates.

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2021 | Week of October 11 | Radio Transcript #1433 What does it take to make a community great? That’s the question we’ve been asking ourselves as we plan and deliver grassroots training sessions to help people do that. Answering that question requires some basic but critical understanding. First and foremost is that God has laid out a plan for humans to govern. The most basic, and I would argue the most important, level of government...

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Home Front 10-06-2021

Posted on Oct 6, 2021 in HomeFront

2021 | Wednesday, October 06 | Listen Online Today, Julaine and Micah take a look at Biden’s EO dealing with funding for abortion providers, a slate of Wisconsin bills dealing with life issues, as well as briefly covering Take Your Bible to School Day and Columbus Day.

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2021 | Week of October 4 | Radio Transcript #1432 This just might be the modern-day equivalent of the “shot heard ‘round the world.” “I’m not going to let parents come into schools and actually take books out and make their own decisions….I don’t think parents should be telling schools what they should teach.” That statement was made by Virginia’s Democratic gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe. He was responding to said in...

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Home Front – 09-29-2021

Posted on Sep 29, 2021 in HomeFront

2021 | Wednesday, September 29 | Listen Online Listen as Julaine and Micah give information on upcoming training sessions as well as important updates on a federal bill that would codify abortion and a number of state-level proposals that were voted on in the Senate and Assembly floor sessions on Tuesday, September 28, 2021.

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