Another round of checks issued to WI PRC’s from proceeds of Choose Life plates

Another round of checks issued to WI PRC’s from proceeds of Choose Life plates

From the desk of Wisconsin Family Council president Julaine Appling:

“In the last month, Dan Miller, director of Pro-Life Wisconsin, and I have been all over the state giving money to a dozen of our awesome life-saving, woman-helping pregnancy care centers. We’ve done this as representatives of Choose Life Wisconsin.
Not quite two years ago after ten years of working to make a dream become a reality, the Choose Life Wisconsin license plates went on sale. The $25 tax-deductible extra fee that people pay for the plate goes to Choose Life Wisconsin, which in turn grants that money to pregnancy care centers that submit grant requests.
Twice a year, Dan Miller and I personally present the checks to the pregnancy care centers. In the last few weeks, we’ve given out $17,000 in funds that have come in from the sale of the Choose Life plate. So far, in the last year, we have given out right at $47,000 to 25 pregnancy care centers, all coming from the sales and renewals of the over 1200 Choose Life plates being sported on cars all over the state. Talk about exciting!

Giving money to these incredible pro-life ground troops is exciting enough, but the big bonus is just being with the directors, their staff and sometimes even board members who come for the presentation, which is always memorialized with a picture. In addition, we get a tour and are treated to enthusiastic explanations of services offered and how God is blessing their work. I suspect we leave more blessed by these amazing servants than we have blessed them.
When we leave, Dan and I always remark something to the effect, “Imagine what we could do for these centers if we could just get more of these awesome plates sold?” Frankly, we’d love to see tens of thousands of Choose Life plates on cars in the Badger State right now. We’re off to a great start. We just need to keep the momentum going.
Really the Choose Life plate accomplishes two things: money for the excellent work of pregnancy care centers and a strong pro-life message communicated on a license plate. The plate is quite distinctive. It’s done in classic Wisconsin red, white and black. On the white background is a black ink infant footprint on the left and the words Choose Life in red under the plate number. It’s a tasteful pro-life message reminding people of the right choice when an unborn baby is involved.

You can be part of this exciting good news. Visit for more information on how to get the Choose Life Wisconsin license plate. Fortunately, at least for now, Governor Evers can’t mess with this great good news plate that is part of bringing real help and real hope to women and their unborn babies.

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