Wisconsin’s “Choose Life” License Plates Available Next Week

Wisconsin’s “Choose Life” License Plates Available Next Week

It’s always refreshing to receive good news, isn’t it? And that is what we have to share with you today!

About this time last year, we at Wisconsin Family Council were working with our good friends at Pro Life Wisconsin and with the State Department of Transportation to comply with a new law for not-for-profit organizations to be able to get special license plates that have a fundraising component to them.

For 10 years we have worked to bring a “Choose Life” specialty license plate to Wisconsin. Other states have had these plates for years and they are currently available in 30 states and Washington, DC; the plates have raised over $20 million in those states for the causes of life and adoption.

Late last November we got final approval for our Wisconsin “Choose Life” license plate.

The new law says that the state has to make the plate available for purchase within one year of final approval. Barring any unforeseen issues, it appears that the Department of Transportation, specifically the Division of Motor Vehicles, is going to beat that date. We have received word that the “Choose Life” Wisconsin license plate will be available NEXT WEEK, likely by Monday, October 23, but definitely some time next week!

This is especially exciting for those of us who have worked on this project for a decade. But it should also be exciting for Wisocnsin’s pro-life citizens!

The Choose Life Wisconsin license plate features classic Wisconsin colors—red, white and black. The graphic on the left side of the design is an ink-print of a baby’s foot, like those on birth certificates. Under the plate number is “Choose Life” in red. (See photo above.)

The first time someone purchases the plate, the cost will be the regular registration fee, plus a $15 issuance fee, and $25 tax-deductible donation which the state will send to Choose Life Wisconsin, Inc. After the first year, the cost is the regular registration fee and the $25 tax-deductible donation (unless the applicant wants a personalized plate, which is an additional $15). Choose Life Wisconsin’s board of directors which includes Julaine Appling as president, Dan Miller, the executive director of Pro Life Wisocnsin as vice president, and a pro-life attorney will then begin the process of distributing those funds to Wisconsin’s incredible life-saving, woman-helping pregnancy resource centers. The centers (over 100 across the state) will be invited to complete a grant request; the board will then use the completed requests to determine who gets money and how much.

“This is a dream that at points, quite honestly, we weren’t sure would ever come true,” Appling said. “We believe this is an incredible opportunity to help get important funding to these pregnancy resource centers directly who are on the front lines of the pro-life cause, but to also proclaim the pro-life message on our cars via this beautiful plate with a tasteful message.”

Choose Life Wisconsin Inc. is an independently registered Wisconsin not-for-profit corporation. The IRS has recognized Choose Life Wisconsin as a 501(c)3 organization. Choose Life Wisconsin’s mission is to spread a positive, pro-life message and help Wisconsin’s vital pregnancy resource centers flourish by funding them from the proceeds of the sale of the Choose Life plate.

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