Wisconsin Family Council launches petition drive to tell Gov. Evers to take down Pride flag

Wisconsin Family Council launches petition drive to tell Gov. Evers to take down Pride flag

Last Friday, June 7, Governor Evers issued an Executive Order authorizing the LGBT “Rainbow Pride Flag” to be flown over our State Capitol.

Wisconsin Family Council believes this decision was unnecessary, divisive, and really an abuse of the governor’s power.

Since Friday, we have been asking people to call the Governor’s office and let him know we disagree with his decision and respectfully asking him to remove the flag. We know many people have made that call–and we are very grateful!

We believe those calls have made an impact. Yesterday the Governor sent out an email asking people to sign a petition showing they agree with his decision. That means we need to keep the pressure on.

Here’s what you can do to really make a difference on this issue:

1) Sign the petition. Wisconsin Family Council is sponsoring asking the Governor to immediately remove the flag. Click HERE.

2) Share this email with other like-minded WI citizens, urging them to join you in signing the petition.

3) If you need print copies of the petition to distribute, click HERE.

4) Call Governor Evers, if you haven’t already done so. He needs both phone calls and this petition! The Governor’s number is 608-266-1212. Call once every day as long as the “Pride” flag remains over our state capitol.

Thank you for making a difference! Our State Capitol represents all WI citizens. Flying the “Pride” flag or any other special-interest flag over our capitol is anything but inclusive and unifying.



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