This Thursday, 10/4, is Bring Your Bible to School Day

Posted on Oct 1, 2018 in News

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This Thursday, October 4, is Bring Your Bible to School Day, an annual religious-freedom event for students. Students from kindergarten through college can participate. Students nationwide lead the effort at their respective schools. It’s voluntary and student led, meaning it’s up to students to lead Bring Your Bible to School Day activities. The goal is to equip and inspire Christian students to be modern-day Daniels and Esthers, to be voices of hope, understand their religious freedoms and express their biblical beliefs in a loving, Christ-centered way.

Right now well over 80% of school-age children are in Wisconsin’s public schools. Many of those students will be from Christian families, and many will have already professed faith in Christ. Bring Your Bible to School Day is an excellent opportunity for parents to encourage and embolden their kids to be courageous in standing for their faith and exercising their religious freedom.

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