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Home Front 03-15-2023
Current events from a Christian perspective
HomeFront 3-8-23
2023 | Wednesday, March 8 On today’s program, Julaine spends the bulk of the time talking about what it means to honor God with our vote and relates it specifically
Home Front 01-10-2018
2018 | Wednesday, January 10 | Listen Online On today’s program, Julaine gives important information about a couple of “anti-discrimination” ordinances being proposed for Brown County and discusses how such
Home Front 12-13-2017
2017 | Wednesday, December 13 | Listen Online On today’s program Julaine discusses some ideas to help families keep Christ the focus of Christmas, especially for the next generation. She
Home Front 11-29-2017
2017 | Wednesday, November 29 | Listen Online Today Julaine addresses the sexual misconduct maelstrom and how families might think about talking about this with their children. She also gives
Home Front 11-15-2017
2017 | Wednesday, November 15 | Listen Online Julaine gives an overview of the history of Thanksgiving in America, along with updates on bills related to marriage, family, life and
Home Front 11-08-17
2017  | Wednesday, November 08 | Listen Online On today’s program Julaine focuses on the outcome of the vote on the “anti-discrimination” policy in De Pere and a number of
Home Front 11-01-2017
2017 | Wednesday, November 1 | Listen Online On today’s program, Julaine reviews some important pending state legislation and also alerts people to the proposed SOGI ordinance in De Pere.
Home Front, 10-25-2017
2017 | Wednesday, October 25 | Listen Online Today Julaine gives the good news that Choose Life WI license plates are available, provides an update on the Heal Without Harm
Home Front 10-18-2017
2017| Wednesday, October 18 | Listen Online Julaine delivers some really good news today about the Choose Life Wisconsin license plate being available very soon. She also gives updates on
Home Front 10-11-2017
2017 | Wednesday, October 11 | Listen Online On today’s program Julaine discusses US Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ recently issued religious freedom guidelines for the federal government, and also highlights
Home Front 10-04-2017
2017 | Wednesday, October 4 | Listen Online It’s a full program today as Julaine discusses the US Supreme Court’s new session that has already included a case involving Wisconsin,
Home Front 09-27-2017
2017 | Wednesday, September 27 | Listen Online On today’s program Julaine explains why a Republican-supported bill to eliminate the waiting period for remarriage after a divorce is a bad
Home Front 09-20-2017
2017 | Wednesday, September 20 | Listen Online Today Julaine discusses Wisconsin Family Council’s 2017 William Wilberforce Freedom Award recipient and gives details on a bill pending in the state
Home Front 09-13-2017
2017| Wednesday, September 13 | Listen Online On this first program of the new season, Julaine gives dates and information for upcoming WFC events around the state and provides an
Home Front 05-24-2017
2017 | Wednesday, May 24 | Listen Online On this last Home Front for the 2016-2017 season, Julaine invites people to visit the state capitol this summer and gives some
Home Front 05-17-2017
2017 | Wednesday, May 17 | Listen Online On today’s program, Julaine discusses our citizens can generally get a local referendum on a municpality’s ballot. She also gives information on
Home Front 05-10-2017
On today's program Julaine gives more details on Sun Prairie Common Council's decision to implement two "anti-discrimination" ordinances, to the peril of the city's business owners and citizens.
Home Front 05-03-2017
2017 | Wednesday, May 3 | Listen Online Julaine discusses at length the City of Sun Prairie’s proposed “anti-discrimination” ordinance dealing with public accommodations and the City Council meeting on
Home Front 04-26-2017
2017 | Wednesday, April 26 | Listen Online Today Julaine announces some new events that Wisconsin Family Council is hosting between now and early June.  In addition to a reminder
Home Front 04-12-2017
2017| Wednesday, April 12 | Listen Online Julaine shares some thoughts on Good Friday and Easter, as well as giving a bit of a preview of a case that newly
Home Front 04-05-2017
2017 | Wednesday, April 5 | Listen Online On this program, Julaine discusses yesterday’s Spring Election and makes a push for folks to call Senators Johnson and Baldwin regarding Judge
Home Front 03-29-2017
2017 | Wednesday, March 29 | Listen Online Today Julaine talks about a couple of books she’s reading, gives important information regarding this coming Tuesday’s Spring General Election in Wisconsin
Home Front 03-22-2017
2017| Wednesday, March 22 | Listen Online On today’s program, Julaine discusses the confirmation hearings on Judge Neil Gorsuch in the US Senate Judiciary Committee and gives updates on several
Home Front 03-15-2017
2017 | Wednesday, March 15 | Listen Online Today Julaine gives important information about two bills that are being introduced in the Wisconsin legislature. The Heal Without Harm Initiative is
Home Front 03-08-2017
2017 | Wednesday, March 8 | Listen Online On today’s program Julaine spends some time looking at some interesting provisions in the Governor’s proposed two-year state budget and gives an
Home Front 03-01-2017
2017 | Wednesday, March 1 | Listen Online On today’s program Julaine gives information on upcoming WFC events, a spring election reminder and information on some legislative proposals, including the
Home Front 02-22-2017
2017 | Wednesday, February 22 | Listen Online Today Julaine discusses yesterday’s Spring Nonpartisan Primary Election and how things shape up for the April 4 General Election. She also urges
Home Front 02-15-17
2017 | Wednesday, February 15 | Listen Online On today’s program, Julaine about the upcoming Spring Nonpartisan Primary Election on Tues., Feb 21, making calls to US Senators regarding nomination
Home Front 02-08-2017
2017 | Wednesday, February 8 | Listen Online On today’s program, Julaine gives reminders about the upcoming Spring Nonpartisan Primary Election on Tues., Feb. 21, making calls to US Senators
Home Front 02-01-2017
2017| Wednesday, February 1 | Listen Online Today Julaine discusses President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee, Neil Gorsuch, and the process for confirming him in the US Senate. She urges citizens
Home Front 01-25-2017
2017| Wednesday, January 25 | Listen Online Julaine gives important information on upcoming events, gives a reminder about the upcoming spring elections, and gives critical information on 3 bills currently
Home Front 01-18-2017
2017 | Wednesday, January 18 | Listen Online On today’s program, Julaine gives information for upcoming events (Jan. 24 and Feb. 2–“2017: What Now?” & Mar. 23 “Day at the Capitol”)
Home Front 01-11-2017
2017| Wednesday, January 11 | Listen Online Julaine discusses various legislative issues, including two reports regarding Planned Parenthood. These reports were released by the US House and US Senate, with
Home Front 01-04-2017
2017 | Wednesday, January 4 | Listen Online Today Julaine looks at Wisconsin’s congressional delegation and explores the makeup of the state legislature, while considering some of the bills that

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