WY Joins States Protecting Girls’ Sports

WY Joins States Protecting Girls’ Sports

WY passes law prohibiting boys from girls' sports.

Wyoming has joined 18 other states in passing a law prohibiting male students from competing in girls’ and women's scholastic sports. Governor Mark Gordon did not sign or veto the bill on Friday, allowing it to become law in July. The bill also adds that no that “no government entity or licensing or accrediting organization can file a complaint, open an investigation or take any other adverse action against a school” that keeps athletic activities and teams exclusively for girls.

These laws are happening because more and more people, both conservatives and liberals, are realizing how patently unfair it is to allow biological males to compete against biological females. Unfortunately, even if our state legislature passed such a bill, the governor would veto it because he apparently has bought the pernicious lie that a biological boy can become a girl.

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