World Medical Association Upholds Physicians’ Rights

World Medical Association Upholds Physicians’ Rights

WMA supports physician right to refuse euthanasia.

Lifesite news reports that recently, the World Medical Association upheld, after much debate, the position to respect a physician’s conscience by allowing him or her to refuse to participate in euthanasia. Physicians from Canada and other jurisdictions had prosed that the WMA change its position on conscience rights, which would have effectively forced physicians to provide a referral for euthanasia to patients where the practice is legal, even if the practice was a betrayal of the physician’s own moral and religious convictions.

It's great to hear the WMA did the right thing here. The push for legalizing assisted suicide continues, and the practice is horrifically; but not respecting the religious and conscience rights of physicians would make it markedly worse. Assisted suicide is not legal here, but bills to make it legal are introduced nearly every session, a reminder that elections matter.

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