WI’s Surplus Raises Possibilities

WI’s Surplus Raises Possibilities

A projected surplus of 6.6B raises possibilities.

Last week the Wisconsin Department of Administration announced the state’s projected surplus will likely grow to a record 6.6 billion by mid-2023. In reaction, Institute for Reforming Government called on state policymakers to eliminate the state personal income tax, stating this will “help right-sex state government and put more money back in the pockets of hardworking families and main-street businesses. Research shows this move would save the average Wisconsin family seventeen hundred dollars a year.

Saving families money helps to keep or create strong, independent families, which are the very foundation of our state. A reasonable rainy-day fund is prudent; but good governance regulates taxation of citizens so that the savings doesn’t become excessive and also knows families are far better at wisely using their money than is the government.

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