WI’s 1849 Abortion Ban

WI’s 1849 Abortion Ban

Preparations for lawsuit on the 1849 ban.

Oral arguments are set for May fourth to determine whether to dismiss the Democrats’ lawsuit challenging Wisconsin’s pre-Roe law that prohibits most abortions in Wisconsin. This is more than ten months after Attorney General Josh Kaul first filed the case. Democrats filed the lawsuit days after the U.S. Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade last June, activating the ban that first became law in eighteen forty-nine. The future of this case and other abortion-related issues will likely be decided by the Wisconsin Supreme Court.

I think this case has been purposefully held up with liberals hoping the state supreme court flips. The high court’s terms of office run through the end of July. So The new justice won’t be seated until early August. I suspect this case drags on until at least then. In the meantime, every day the abortion ban is in place, babies are being saved—and that’s really good news.

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