WILL and Alliance Defending Freedom Madison Case

WILL and Alliance Defending Freedom Madison Case

WILL and Alliance Defending Freedom Madison Case

On Tuesday, Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty attorney Luke Berg, appeared before the Wisconsin Supreme Court defending the constitutional rights of parents to know how their child is presenting at school as it relates to gender identity. WILL and Alliance Defending Freedom filed the case in Dane County in 2020 after the Madison School District adopted policies that allow children of any age to transition to a different gender identity at school without parental consent and even instructed district employees to deceive parents about the transition.

One of the attorneys for the school district struggled to admit parents have inherent rights regarding their children, saying that basically parents don’t have rights when it comes to the issue of their child’s gender identity at school. This case has huge ramifications not just here in Wisconsin but nationwide since it’s the first case in the country dealing with this issue.

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