Update in WFA’s Fire-Bombing Trial

Update in WFA’s Fire-Bombing Trial

Man pleads guilty to the fire bombing at WFA.

Last Friday, the twenty-nine year-old Madison man who in early May twenty twenty-two tried to destroy the offices of Wisconsin Family Council and Wisconsin Family Action pled guilty before Judge William Conley in the federal courthouse in Madison. Hridindu Sankar Roychowdhury faces a prison sentence of at least five years with a maximum of twenty. He could also be fined and required to pay restitution for damages his firebombing caused.

I was in court to hear Mister Roychowdhury’s plea and his responses to the judge’s questions. As I sat there looking at this young man, I couldn’t help but wonder how different his life will be as a result of this crime. Now we wait until mid-February to see what the judge determines will be his sentence. We aren’t looking for revenge or retribution, just justice under the law.

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