This Election’s 2 Statewide Referenda

This Election’s 2 Statewide Referenda

1 referendum is binding, and 1 is advisory.

The April 4th election will have 2 statewide referenda. One referendum will have two questions dealing with a court’s ability to impose cash bail on an alleged criminal. This is a binding referendum, meaning it will amend our state constitution if it passes with a simple majority. The other referendum is strictly advisory. It asks voters if they think able-bodied, childless adults should be required to look for work in order to receive tax-payer-funded welfare benefits. Nothing changes whether this referendum passes or fails.

These referenda are in addition to the statewide Wisconsin Supreme Court race between conservative jurist Dan Kelly and self-described liberal progressive Janet Protasiewicz. Voters will also have local races on their ballot and maybe local referenda. will soon have sample ballots posted. Visit for more election info.

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