The Parents’ Bill of Rights Act

The Parents’ Bill of Rights Act

The bill will now go to the Senate for a vote.

Republicans in the U.S. House of Representatives recently passed a measure to enshrine parental rights in education into federal law.  H.R.5, also known as the Parents’ Bill of Rights Act, passed the House last Friday with two hundred thirteen votes of approval and two hundred eight opposing votes, mostly along party lines. The legislation now goes to the Democrat-controlled Senate for another vote. All six of Wisconsin’s Republican representatives—Steil, Van Orden, Fitzgerald, Grothman, Tiffany, and Gallagher—voted in support of the bill.

Bills like this shouldn’t be necessary, but with school districts across the country, including right here at home, usurping parents overtly and covertly, these types of bills are needed. Our state legislature passed a very good parental rights bill last session, but Governor Evers vetoed it. Hopefully, the bill will be brought back this session.

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