“The Great Recital”

“The Great Recital”

A word for word recitation of the New Testament.

People will gather this week for a special event titled "The Great Recital," where speakers will recite the entire New Testament from memory, word for word, according to Christian post. The event, led by the Institute for Creation Research, will take place at the ICR's Discovery Center from October 11-15. The event is purposefully timed to be close to the fall election. Organizers say they want American voters to hear the Word of God as they consider how to vote. The event is streamed daily at ten a.m. on ICR’s YouTube Channel.

Obviously such an event has more than one message. We don’t hear much about memorizing Scripture these days but hiding the Word of God in our hearts where it can do its work at any time is powerful. One of the best activities families could do this fall is to memorize Scripture together. Make it fun, doable, and purposeful as you grow and strengthen your family.


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