Teaching Children Wise Money Habits

Teaching Children Wise Money Habits

5 lessons to teach children about money.

Yesterday’s Minute was about the state’s budget. Keeping on the idea of money but on a different level, today we look at kids and money. In that regard, Crown Financial Ministries offers five lessons to pass on to children. Teach them about stewardship, teach them how to work, teach them how to give and be generous, teach them how to save, and teach them how to spend, knowing the difference between frivolous spending and careful, wise buying.

As Crown points out, the key to teaching kids to be good financial stewards is to be intentional. In age-appropriate ways, talk to them about every aspect of finances, including developing a budget and sticking to it. Warn them about credit cards, while encouraging them to save for what they want. Remind them to do everything with excellence, diligence, and humility.

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