Syncretism Worldview

Syncretism Worldview

A recent American Worldview Inventory twenty twenty-two conducted by George Barna and the Cultural Research Center at Arizona State revealed that many Americans who think of themselves as Christian actually follow a worldview called Syncretism, a “blending of multiple worldviews in which no single life philosophy is dominant’—and only a sparse two percent of pre-teens actually possess a biblical worldview. The survey also revealed that ninety-four percent of parents of pre-teens possess this worldview which is communicated to their children.

Experts tell us a child’s worldview is pretty much fully developed and operational before their  teen years. This means parents need to get their own worldview figured out early-on. A biblical worldview is the only one that really works—and is a must for Christians. Parents this is a call to check your worldview. Is it biblical? Is how you live actually consistent with what you say you believe?

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