Surprise “drag queen” Performance

Surprise “drag queen” Performance

Surprise “drag queen” Performance

Empower Wisconsin reports that students at Middleton High School were subjected to a surprise “drag queen” performance by one of their teachers during the school’s Fine Arts Week. Matthew Kashdan, a French teacher, took the stage dressed in a “high-cut, blue sequined dress, red boots, and blond wig, lip-syncing and dancing to a pop song, the organization reported. The performance, which occurred during school hours, was caught on video and went viral on the internet. Parental permission was not required for students to attend.

We don’t like talking about these things, but similar situations are happening more frequently all across the state. Parents should be alarmed and should be exploring now educational options for next year. Registration is still open for the voucher program and for open enrollment but those opportunities end soon. Visit for details and registration forms.

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