Stop the Sale of Body Parts of Aborted Babies

Stop the Sale of Body Parts of Aborted Babies

Stop the Sale of Body Parts of Aborted Babies reports that a group of pro-life activists earlier this month discovered human fetal remains in a freezer at the University of Washington. Leaders of pro-life groups obtained access to what they described as “the largest and most active fetal organ bank in the nation.” Terrisa Bukovinac, founder and director of one of the groups said, “The American people must be made aware of the mass dehumanization of these unborn children …whose body parts are…portioned out to researchers in pursuit of federal funding.”

We’ve tried several times in Wisconsin to stop the abhorrent sale, trade or use of the body parts of aborted babies, but both Republicans and Democrats have sided with the University of Wisconsin whose leaders disavow it’s happening. We know better. Hopefully this grisly exposure in Washington state will be the impetus we need to finally stop this horrific practice.

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