School Choice Wisconsin

School Choice Wisconsin

child’s education; home school or pay tuition

School Choice Wisconsin recently commissioned a survey of seven hundred likely Wisconsin voters to gauge what voters think about the rights of parents when it comes to education. The survey showed that nearly ninety-two percent of likely voters think parents should have the right to engage with school board members, over seventy-seven percent say parents should have the right to review instructional material, over sixty-one percent said parents should have the right to opt a child out of a class or instruction, and over seventy-four percent support school choice.

These are basically eye-popping numbers and could loom large as we approach the spring election when we elect school board members, as well as in the fall partisan election. These results certainly clash with the opinion of the Democrat legislator who recently said parents who want a say in their child’s education should home school or pay tuition at a private school.

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