Sanctity of Human Life Month

Sanctity of Human Life Month

January is Sanctity of Human Life Month.

For 50 years January has been Sanctity of Human Life Month, denoting the 1973 US Supreme Court Roe decision. Even though the high court overturned Roe this past June, this month is still sanctity of human life month because recognizing the sanctity of life is about more than being against abortion. It’s also about recognizing women who choose to deliver their babies that were conceived in horrific sexual assaults. It’s about championing adoption as a win-win-win situation—for the birth mom, the child, and the adoptive parents.

We hope families, churches, and communities will continue to give special attention to the life issue this month. Sanctity of Life Sunday is January twenty-second. This is a great time to publicly and collectively thank God for the Dobbs decision and to encourage families to get involved with fostering, safe families, and adoption.

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