Refuse to Have Religious Freedom Trampled

Refuse to Have Religious Freedom Trampled

Refuse to Have Religious Freedom Trampled

Earlier this week, Wisconsin Family Action, along with twenty-eight other state family policy councils across the country and the national organization Family Policy Alliance, filed a(friend-of-the-court brief with the U.S. Supreme Court in support of Washington State high-school football Coach Joseph Kennedy who years ago began years ago saying a brief prayer at the fifty-yard line following games. Initially he did so alone, but then students began voluntarily joining him. The school district demanded he stop; he refused and was fired.


Coach Kennedy refused to have his religious freedom trampled on. He’s rightly fighting back through the legal system. Does saying a brief prayer after a football game establish a religion? Of course not. And no students were coerced into joining him. We all suffer when our First Amendment freedoms are violated. We’re thankful people like Coach Kennedy are willing to defend religious freedom.

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