Race or Sex Stereotyping

Race or Sex Stereotyping

Bill prohibiting Critical Race Theory

On Tuesday, the state legislature passed a bill that prohibits UW-System schools or any state technical college from providing instruction that promotes race or sex stereotyping in any course or as part of any curriculum and from requiring an employee in either system to attend a training that teaches, advocates, acts upon, or promotes race or sex stereotyping. The Senate had extended debate on the bill, which ultimately passed on party lines, and then was immediately sent to the Assembly where it also passed on a party-line vote.

This bill is essentially about prohibiting Critical Race Theory instruction and training. We know it’s happening in the UW schools and the tech , but legislators opposing the bill denied it and declared the Republicans were promoting racism and denying our history. The bill will soon go to the governor. He’ll likely veto it just as he did the bill that prohibited CRT in our K-12 schools.

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