Protestors at UW Madison

Protestors at UW Madison

Protestors rip up a Bible & shred its pages.

Activists protesting conservative commentator Matt Walsh's Young America’s Foundation-sponsored college tour at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where his documentary film “What Is a Woman” was being shown, grabbed a Bible from a young man who was reading it aloud and ripped out the pages. Christian post reports that one protester used his teeth to shred the ripped-out pages and spat them on the cement ground while another shoved pages from a torn-up Bible into her mouth.

Walsh’s “What Is a Woman?” is a powerful documentary showing that academic elites won’t or can’t answer one of the most basic of questions. They get angry and lash out when confronted with questions that make them uncomfortable. What these students did is despicable. It shows a total rejection of truth and reality as a result of the indoctrination they’ve been subjected to for years in school.

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