Progress on Pro-Life “Embrace Them Both” Bills

Progress on Pro-Life “Embrace Them Both” Bills

State Senate held a public hearing for these bills

On Tuesday, a State Senate committee held a public hearing on a 4-bill package known as “Embrace Them Both.” All 4 bills in some way promote life, protect women, or champion family. 1 bill clearly defines what abortion is and isn’t, while another bill grants money to pregnancy care centers. The remaining two bills award grants to adoptive Wisconsin couples and increase the dependent tax exemption and includes unborn babies as a qualified dependent.

These are bills that should garner bipartisan support; they are about embracing the lives and well-being of children, including unborn children, and their mothers, something all Wisconsin citizens should value. We anticipate all these bills will pass in the legislature, and we certainly hope the governor will see the wisdom of signing them into law.

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