Problem Gambling Month

Problem Gambling Month

Problem Gambling Month

As we close out Problem Gambling Month, a focus on another group that is very susceptible to the siren song of lady luck is appropriate, and that’s seniors. Research shows seniors gamble for various reasons, including to escape loneliness or depression, to be active with friends, to increase fixed incomes, and to provide entertainment and fun. Casinos especially target seniors, offering day trips that include free food and drink and more. Family members are encouraged to be alert for signs that would indicate gambling has gone from entertainment to a problem.

The nature of an addition is it starts small and harmless, but the hooks are set. What began as just fun becomes destructive. Everyone who gambles, whether with a lottery ticket, or at a casino slot machine needs to remember the games are designed for you to lose way more than you will win. Better not to start at all whether you’re young, old or in-between.

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