Prepare Your Family for Easter

Prepare Your Family for Easter

Prepare Your Family for Easter

This week provides great opportunities for families to focus on spiritual truth and in so doing strengthen family bonds and build lifelong memories. offers three simple ideas to help prepare your family for Easter. First, set aside family devotional time. Each day read the account of Christ’s crucifixion, burial, and resurrection from one  of the Gospels. Second, listen to favorite Easter hymns. Introduce old hymns to the younger generation. Third, plan a family service project that will bless others who are less fortunate.

The risk of every holiday is getting  so caught up in things that are good, but that may not always be the best. To me, it’s not an either or situation; it’s both and. We with some planning, we can still prepare a lovely meal, an easter egg hunt and other fun things, while also including  activities like the ones Daysprings suggests—activities that help us keep the main thing the main thing.

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