Possible Shift in WI Due to State Supreme Court

Possible Shift in WI Due to State Supreme Court

What's at stake if the court shifts

In a recent memo, Institute for Reforming Government’s Chief Legal Counsel broke down how changing the composition of the state supreme court from conservative to liberal could produce a seismic shift in our state, with individual rights and governmental powers changing dramatically. The memo discusses hot-button issues such as abortion, Act Ten, election integrity, public health emergencies, redistricting, right to work, school choice, free speech, second amendment, agency authority, and more.

Two weeks from today is the last day for Wisconsin voters to have their say on the makeup of our high court and on determining whether the court will remain conservative or will flip to a liberal majority. Early in-person voting starts today statewide. Sample ballots are available at myvote.wi.gov. Candidate info is available at wifamilycouncil.org

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