Parental Rights in Education

Parental Rights in Education

Parental Rights in Education

An editorial in the Christian post notes that the Florida state Senate last week gave the final vote on the Parental Rights in Education, a media-maligned proposal that will prohibit primary school teachers from talking about sexual orientation with children in pre-K through third grade. Passage of the bill marks a milestone in parents’ efforts across the nation to fight back against the radical left in the classroom. The legislation also represents a model for other states to use as they push back the woke tides. The bill now goes to Governor DeSantis for signing.

This is the bill opponents have labeled the “don’t say gay” bill. The proposal doesn’t do that; its purpose is to protect children from an aggressive and harmful LGBTQ plus agenda. Our state legislature recently passed a parents’ bill of rights that doesn’t go this far, but while DeSantis will sign the Florida bill, Evers will undoubtedly veto the one he’ll be getting.

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