Parent Protests at Schools

Parent Protests at Schools

Parent Protests at Schools

Fox News reports that well before parent protests at schools took America by storm last year, Beth Feeley and concerned neighbors led a protest at a High School in northern Chicago. The school had planned an all-school seminar day titled "Understanding Today’s Struggle for Civil Rights." What alarmed Feeley was how politically biased the material was and how the speakers skewed far left. Feeley protested, not to cancel the seminar day, but to demand an intellectually diverse array of materials and speakers. She suggested a pastor who stepped up to help.

Feeley has said that “Courage is contagious,” and she’s  right. Standing up in our own communities for what is true, right and good requires courage, but when someone is willing to lead the charge, others gain courage to join. And when pastors get involved, all the better. Pastors have a unique voice and impact. Showing up and speaking up together does make a difference..


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