Our First Six Presidents

Our First Six Presidents

Our 1st 6 presidents had a profound impact.

Last week was President’s Day, with special emphasis on Washington and Lincoln. But Jerry Newcombe writing for Christian post points out our first six presidents, Washington, Adams, Jefferson, Madison, Monroe, and John Quincy Adams, all at some point in their lives made statements or took actions that showed a basic Christian belief. The first five are all considered Founding Fathers. John Quincy Adams was a passionate abolitionist and is said to have influenced young Lincoln on this issue.

Our first six presidents weren’t perfect any more than we are, but the impact they had on the early years of our country is phenomenal, from their inaugural prayers and speeches to their advice in letters, from founding an evangelical church to pushing for abolition and more. Imagine how different our country would be had these six men not been our early presidents.

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