NV Vetoes Assisted Suicide Bill

NV Vetoes Assisted Suicide Bill

Assisted suicide bills in the U.S.

Earlier this week the Nevada governor vetoed a bill to legalize assisted suicide, declaring the legislation "unnecessary" due to advancements in pain management and palliative care. In contrast, earlier this year Vermont enacted a law allowing patients meeting certain requirements to request a prescription for life-ending drugs without an in-person doctor visit. Alliance Defending Freedom attorneys point out that in addition to the obvious problem with assisted suicide, such laws also violate the conscience rights of some health care professionals.

Assisted suicide is not the answer to suffering. Doctors help and heal; they don’t kill. That said, Wisconsin has considered an assisted suicide bill many times; fortunately, no such bill has ever received a vote in either house, but those pushing for this won’t stop. We all need to be prepared to discuss this topic from a right worldview with people of all ages.

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