New Wisconsin Policy Forum Report Out

New Wisconsin Policy Forum Report Out

New reports shows small rise in taxes.

Wisconsin Policy Forum reports that state and local tax collections rose less than 2% in 2020 as Wisconsin’s tax burden hit its lowest level in decades. But per the report, the state’s national ranking for the highest state and local tax burden climbed to 18th from 24th in 2019. That’s largely because Wisconsin was one of 25 states that saw state and local revenues rise in 2020. The Forum said that’s a testament to the state’s relatively strong economy in the early stages of COVID.

2020 was a tough year on so many levels for most families. So it’s good to know that overall that year the tax burden on families was less than it had been. Good governing is always looking for ways to reduce the tax burden because strong, independent families are the foundation of the state. Heavy taxes threated this foundational institution.

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