Moms Cherish in Their Hearts

Moms Cherish in Their Hearts

Moms Cherish in Their Hearts

Over the next several weeks we will feature some mothers in Scripture. We start with Mary, the mother of Jesus. In Luke two we see Mary as the family starts home from Passover when Jesus was twelve. The family discovers Jesus isn’t with them. The frantic parents find Him in the synagogue amazing the rabbis.  Mary chides Jesus for His actions; He responds saying, “you really didn’t know I would be about my Father’s business?” They return to Nazareth, but Scripture quietly tells us Mary kept in her heart all these things that had happened.

That’s so like a mom to remember the words and actions of her children! Moms are typically the ones who pore over old family pictures, shed a tear when saying goodbye as the kids head off to school, treasure the first pair of baby shoes, and more. Like Mary, moms cherish in their hearts the seemingly little things about their children—and oh the difference that makes.

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