Momma Bears

Good moms do what God has hard-wired them to do!

2022 | Week of May 2| Radio Transcript #1462

“Please explain to me why you are so much in favor of a bill that likely means racism in our schools will continue.” As I read the rest of the email that contained this request to respond about our opposition to Critical Race Theory in schools, I discovered it was from a married mom who with her husband had adopted three multi-racial boys. She indicated that her sons had been subjected to racism, and as a Christian she believed anything, including CRT, that teaches against racism should be supported not opposed.

I pondered that email a good long time before I responded. This was a mom who was in earnest. She wasn’t firing off in anger; she honestly wanted to know why we would seemingly champion a bill that in her understanding would hurt her sons.

What really struck me as I re-read the email numerous times and thought about how to respond was that this young woman was really doing what comes naturally to good moms. She was doing everything in her power to protect her children.

Admittedly this young mother was misguided on what Critical Race Theory is and how it operates in our schools. She unfortunately had, at least to some degree, bought the lies about CRT; it is a seriously flawed and quite dangerous ideology that actually promotes racism. I needed to explain that and support my assertions, which I did.

However, importantly, I also acknowledged that what she was ultimately doing was doing everything she could to protect her children, and I reminded her that was what good moms do. She is a great example of that proverbial momma bear—in fact, she might exemplify a grizzly momma bear!

I’ve seen a lot of these moms in the last couple of years. I’ve encountered them in meetings where CRT and inappropriate books have been the hot topic. I’ve heard them in our events and on phone calls and in public hearings at the state capitol. I’ve listened as they have talked about the hours of research they’ve done, finding evidence of CRT in their kids’ schools, discovering books, both digital and hard copies, that should never be in school libraries, whether digital or brick and mortar. I’ve heard them describe the disrespect they’ve encountered so many times from school officials, including from school board members. I’ve watched with great interest as some of them decided to run for school board in an effort to change what they had encountered. They were doing all this, and more, because they love their children. That deep love prompts them to seek their children’s best interest and to also protect them from things they know will harm them.

Every time I experience these moms, I thank God for His incredible creative work in giving us mothers. In the family structure that God designed for His glory and our good, He ordered that moms are fiercely protective of those they love. It’s a different kind of protection from what fathers naturally give. Moms are especially about guarding hearts, minds and emotions.

One of the best ways Christian moms protect their children is by faithfully praying for them.  Praying moms are truly gifts from a gracious God. Many a young person’s life has been profoundly changed because a faithful, loving mother diligently prayed that God would intervene and would give wisdom and protection.

Sadly, not everyone has had the privilege of having a mom who fiercely protected them let alone who faithful and fervently prayed for them. Such situations are profoundly sad and are poignant reminders of our depravity, but they don’t diminish the God-given role and nature of moms in general.

As we look towards Mothers’ Day this coming Sunday, our hearts should be filled with gratitude for our moms, especially if we were blessed with a godly mom who did her best to protect us and who faithfully prayed for us.  Our gratitude should be expressed in words, deeds and gifts if our mothers are still alive.  Scripture tells us we are to give honor to whom honor is due. Surely mothers deserve our honor—not just on Mothers’ Day but every day.

The recent visible reminders we’ve had of how God has hard-wired moms to care for and fight for the children are encouraging. No one fights for and protects their children like a mom. School boards and others have picked the wrong fight; momma grizzly bears don’t often back down when their cubs are involved, and they don’t often lose.

This is Julaine Appling for Wisconsin Family Council reminding you the prophet Hosea said, “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.”

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