Intimidation of School Boards

Intimidation of School Boards

Intimidation of School Boards

Attorneys at Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty issued a letter to the Cedarburg School District making clear that the district is not legally required to adopt Critical Race Theory concepts in their curriculum, nor can the Department of Public Instruction legally mandate the district adopt CRT concepts. The School District recently investigated a complaint from a local group alleging its curriculum violates state and federal law and found no violations. That group has appealed to DPI suggesting Cedarburg’s curriculum is not “diverse and representative.”

I’m glad WILL weighed in on this. School boards need to be sure they understand the law before they make knee-jerk decisions about curriculum or policy. This is an oft-used tactic of liberals to try to intimidate school boards into a certain action. Kudos to Cedarburg for checking out the allegations and not capitulating. CRT has no place in a school district’s curriculum.

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