Imparting the Bible to Future Generations

Imparting the Bible to Future Generations

Imparting the Bible to Future Generations

The American Bible Society’s current State of the Bible report includes tips on helping people start reading the Bible and how to engage with Scripture more. For instance, consider ways to ask your congregation about their own practices, motivations, and frustrations regarding the Bible, and see what you can do to help. Emphasize helping young parents understand the positive ways the Bible shapes a child’s character. Show people, especially those under twenty-five, how to start reading Scripture.

As a nation, we are reading the Bible less and actually engaging with Scripture less, which doesn’t bode well for us on any level. Not surprisingly, reversing this trend starts with families. If reading the Bible and living out its truths in everyday life are important to dad and mom, then those practices and values are going to be more important to their children.


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