Governor Evers is to Give Planned Parenthood Money

Governor Evers is to Give Planned Parenthood Money

Governor Evers is to give Planned Parenthood money

News broke recently that Governor Evers is planning to give Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin one million dollars from the eighty-two million dollars he’s received from the federal government for COVID relief. Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin spent seven hundred thousand dollars to help get Evers elected in twenty eighteen. During the Walker administration one million dollars per year of general-purpose revenue was redirected away from the state’s largest abortion provider, to other health clinics around the state that offer true women’s health care.


Frankly, what the governor is doing with our taxpayer money should not surprise us. He said when he was campaigning that he supported abortion and Planned Parenthood. During his administration he has done exactly what he said he would do, including vetoing in full every prolife bill that has made it to his desk. Elections really do have consequences.

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